Changeable Hawk-Eagle at Yala

 It’s not easy to open my eyes early in the morning. But an alarm rang inside my head and said it was time to go to ‘Yala.’ Our jeep arrived at the hotel premises at 5.30 a.m. Because early is the best time for the safari. After we entered the jeep It runs fast along the road. We could see the sun rising while experiencing a slight breeze. It was an amazing feeling. 

    Within ten to fifteen minutes we arrived at the Yala park entrance gate. We should buy tickets before entering. 

Yala national park is a huge area of forest, grassland, and lagoons bordering. It’s home to wildlife such as elephants, leopards, bears, and many birds. It’s established as a national park in 1900.  Yala is divided into five blocks. We entered the Yala block one. We weren’t able to block two or more. Because of that, you need special permission and guides. 

    The journey started in Yala block one. Our jeep slowly runs towards brown sand roads middle of the forest. The forest is full of wild animals. Especially different kinds of birds. 

    ”Look at that tree..” My husband said and I looked at where his finger pointed. 

    The hawk was sitting on top of a leafless tree. He turned his neck 360 and search all around. Small two birds sat on another branch near him. 

    ”It’s called ‘Konda ukussa (Changeable hawk-eagle).’. Our jeep driver explained. That name really suits him. Because he had some feathers on his head like hair. His scientific name was ‘Nisaetus cirrhatus’. 

Changeable hawk-eagle near coma wewa

This bird had brown and white mixed feathers. He is still a young boy or girl. I can’t say about it exactly. Later on, I tried to find more information about the changeable hawk. As my research, they are more prevalent in the Asian Region. The female bird is larger than the male. And they may be found anywhere from sea level to 2200 m. But mainly live below 1500m. 

    We wait and watched the hawk and two tiny birds few minutes. 

    ”There must be a nest of that tiny bird. that’s why they wait there.’ Our driver explained. 

    What brave birds. They are ready to fight with the giant bird to protect they are house.  

    Jeep ran forward again. Nearly coma wewa jeep stopped middle of the road. another changeable hawk stands on the small stream. We didn’t disturb him or her. We silently watched what is going to do. 

Changeable hawk-eagle

”wow..” I murmured when I see what it do. Hawk slowly walks into the stream and checks his around. then he started to bathe. He plays with water happily. It must be a good day for it. Hawk enjoyed the water and come out a few minutes later then it fluttered its wings and fly away from us. 

    As an owner of the forest, they can do anything. They can go anywhere. So we go further. 

pics by  Dinesh (DP photography)

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